Indulgent, Handmade, Vegan Doughnuts

Not just for the full moon! 


Werewolf Doughnuts is bringing artisan doughnuts to markets around Vancouver Island. 

Spring/Summer Schedule

4:30pm-7:30pm at the Esquimalt Farmers Markets

April 4th (Gorge Park)

April 11th (Gorge Park)

April 21st (Memorial Park)

April 25th (Gorge Park)

May 5th (Memorial Park)

May 12th (Memorial Park)

May 23rd (Gorge Park)

May 30th (Gorge Park)

June 6th (Gorge Park)

June 16th (Memorial Park)

June 20th (Gorge Park)

June 27th (Gorge Park)

July 4th (Gorge Park)

July14th (Memorial Park)

July 18th (Gorge Park)

July 28th (Memorial Park)

August 4th (Memorial Park)

August 8th (Gorge Park)

August 15th (Gorge Park)

August 22nd (Gorge Park)

August 29th (Gorge Park)

September 8th (Memorial Park)