Frequently asked questions

Where can I find your doughnuts?

We are currently doing drop-ins at the Duncan, BC Farmers Market 10-2 on Saturdays. Dates and times will always be announced on our social media!

Do your doughnuts contain gluten/soy/coconut/nuts?

Gluten & Soy: All of our doughnuts contain gluten and soy. Coconut: Our classic doughnuts contain coconut, and some of our toppings/glazes may contain coconut as well. Nuts: Because some of our doughnuts contain nuts in the glazes/toppings, unfortunately we can't guarantee a nut-free product.

Are all of your flavours vegan?

Yes! Our founder has been vegan for over seven years, and making doughnuts that are free of animal by-products is a top priority. But trust us, we do not to compromise on taste and quality!

How can I store your doughnuts?

Doughnuts are best eaten fresh, which is why we fry them up just hours before they're in your hands. But we won't lie, we also love saving a few to snack on with our morning coffee! We recommend storing them in tupperware overnight, or if you need to store them longer they freeze quite well- just use the defrost setting on your microwave when you're ready to indulge.

What kind of oil do you use for frying?

Doughnuts need to be fried in solid shortening, which left us choosing between a trans-fat based product, which are no longer approved, or palm oil. Because of the ethical concerns surrounding palm, we meticulously sourced our frying oil from a 100% Certified Sustainable supplier. The product is offered at segregated supply chain level ensuring it only comes from RSPO certified sources. Palm oil is an inherently sustainable, nutrient-dense oil, being 5-10 times more productive per hectare than other oil crops, so phasing out palm oil is not necessarily a sustainable solution. Replacing palm with other oils would just be placing these issues onto other regions, communities, and biodiverse areas. Because of this, we beleive that sustainable palm is currently our most ethical option.

What kind of doughnuts do you make?

We make both classic cake doughnuts, and chocolate cake doughnuts! Both varieties are made by hand, fried, then glazed with fun, unique flavours and toppings. Flavours change weekly and we're always open to suggestions!

How much do your doughnuts cost?

We sell our doughnuts individually at $3 each, or a box of 4 for $10.

Do you take orders?

At the moment we are not taking orders, unless they coincide with our market days/times. We may offer ordering in the future!